Lirik lagu: Horsemen

He’s standing on top of the rockWaving his hand & tell that the game is overHe said; You have won too many fights!Using those swords all the times
I don’t think it’s time to put the weapons downThe enemy may profess its loveBut I have let my heart decideI swear I’ll bring it home to you
Let the water fill the currentLike you let me fix the failureIt won’t stop till the dike hold upIt won’t be clearer 'till we reach the waterfall
They tell me to come backwardsBut I got to carry on those wordsThey’ve forgotten how to treat the worldAnd said; “Hey, c’mon! Show your brave man side!”
In your heart it’s growing, there’s a numbness
You have won to many fight,Using those words all the time,Then we have to carry on… ooohhh….
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