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Since childhood has been training to become a Navy soldier 
Who was the grandfather taught me, captured pirates to save people 
And until one day by chance, met a pirate named Shanks 
Since 7 years old so I naively, wanted to become king of the sea. 

And I want the ocean adventure and many sailors aboard 
Despite their village but scold me from pirates stupid amuses me 
I accidentally evil fruit, it makes me a rubber man 
People will be cursed eat but will not prevent the DC adventure. 

Shanks gave me 1 hat with the words, then quickly hurried Shanks 
As long as kids are pirates, bring it back to him 
Because one time he saved me, he took one arm 
I will not disappoint you, until one day we will meet again. 

17 years old I started out to sea .. There Zoro become teammates 
There are flowers tieu..Co Usopp Nami become friends lying 
Doctors have called Chopper, Sanji chef in western waters 
Archaeologist Nico Robin and Captain Monkey D.Luffy. 

I want to become the king of pirates, so I did not give anyone 
Crocodile to beat me and I was not afraid of the arrest warrant 
Increasing bonus but I also defeated Battle 
Defeat the name Rod Lucci and I'm not happy about luck. 

Have witnessed his brother, who fell in front of him 
Portgas D.Ace brother, so that I could not calm 
Must exercise over 2 years, because pain can not hide
As witness my lost loved ones to practice and live to fight. 

New members named Brook, is the whale Laboon 
Stack boat mechanic named Franky, make him the youngest party 
And I and all the team, which will enter the New World 
Where everyone expected, and we will go straight to. 

And I will be the Pirate King is outside turning kings 
I will become the most powerful look to where no one came 
And I would find the One Piece DC, will be stronger than him Shanks Red Hair 
And prove to all saw defeat Luffy is one difficult thing. 

But what Luffy gluttonous disabilities should you always struggle 
Whether that he would be beaten but he was glad that many of you dear 
For those who need his help, he will give his best 
Whether that knows he will die, but all because of you alone. 

He always liked what he has, like explorers passing areas 
Dreams along with wind and his friends would chariot 
Usopp, Zoro, Nami, Robin, Chopper, Sanji 
Brook, Franky, Luffy and starts searching for One Piece

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