Lirik lagu: Forever Love.

I can’t carry the weight around baby 
How could I have ever belonged 
Learning all my lessons 
Dangerous impressions 
Pushed you right out of my world 
I know that you and I have tried very hard to find a different result 
But how can we be patient when we're always racing 
And no one’s ever there to hold 

Any time you need a friend baby 
I will be the one that you want 
And if you’re ever down and out baby 
I will be there biggin' you up 
And you can lean on me anytime baby 
For anything you want and need 
Oh I don’t need a reason 
Memory or a season 
It’s longer than always could be 
And further than the eyes can see 

Forever love 
Oh forever love 
Forever mine, forever yours 
Forever love 
Forever love 
Oh it's forever love 
Forever mine, forever yours 
Forever love, forever love

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