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Mindless Behavior
Valentine’s girl
Ayo Roc
Tell her how you feel man

Look, aye girl
Every time I see you I lose my mind
It’s why I behave mindless all the time
Yeah you fine, girl you’re mine, right?
Thought of you and how you do keep me up at night
Where do you stay? What’s your favorite food
What do you like to do girl, I wanna get to know you
Somehow, some way, some time, someday
Matter of fact, let’s talk again

She doesn’t even notice me
But I know deep down in my heart
This is where she’s supposed to be
And I swear that I won’t stop
Until I make her see
That I’ma be hers for sure
I’m gonna let her know
This is what I’m gonna do

I got a box full of chocolates for you girl (girl)
For you girl (girl), for you
I got some roses and a love letter that says I adore you
And it says:
Will you be my… (will you be my) Valentine’s girl?
Valentine’s girl
Will you be?

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